Skincare Review: Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Glow Serum

Danessa Myricks Beauty has become a household name in the beauty industry, known for its innovative and inclusive approach to skincare. The brand is the brainchild of makeup artist Danessa Myricks, who has garnered a reputation for her artistic creativity and commitment to offering beauty products that cater to a diverse range of skin tones and types.

Ingredients Breakdown


The Yummy Skin Glow Serum is a testament to the brand's dedication to crafting products with carefully selected ingredients that work in harmony to enhance the skin's natural beauty.

Antioxidant-rich Fruit Extracts: Think of these as tiny shields that protect your skin from environmental bad guys. The serum contains extracts from kiwi, dragonfruit, fig, and pomegranate. These extracts are like superheroes – they're packed with antioxidants that fight against things like pollution and stress, helping your skin stay healthy and radiant.

Turmeric and Olive-derived Squalene Oil: Turmeric isn't just for your food; it's great for your skin too! It's like a soothing hug for your skin, calming down any redness or irritation. And then there's squalene oil, which sounds fancy but is basically a superhero hydrator. It comes from olives and dives deep into your skin, giving it a drink of water and leaving it soft and dewy.

Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and Hyaluronic Acid: These are like the dream team for your skin. Vitamin C is like a spotlight – it brightens up your skin, making it look more awake and fresh. Niacinamide is like a magic eraser – it helps with texture and evens out your skin tone. And then there's hyaluronic acid, which is like a big drink of water for your skin. It plumps it up and fills in those fine lines, leaving you with smooth and hydrated skin.



The Yummy Skin Glow Serum isn't just your regular serum – it's like a superhero cape for your skin. If your skin feels dry and thirsty, this serum is here to save the day. It's also like a multitasking wizard – it works on dullness and those annoying bumps too. So, whether you're struggling with dry patches or just want to add some oomph to your skin, this serum has got your back.

What to Keep in Mind

While this serum is all about goodness, there are a couple of things to be aware of. Some people find the scent a bit strong – it's like a burst of fragrance when you open the bottle. If you're sensitive to scents, you might want to take a whiff before diving in. Also, remember that skincare isn't magic – it takes time to see results. You might not notice a huge difference after just a week. It's like planting a seed – you need to give it time to grow into a beautiful flower.

Another thing to note is that this serum might not play well with makeup for everyone. If you're planning to wear makeup on top, it's a good idea to do a little test first. Some people have noticed that their makeup looks a bit patchy or cakey after using this serum. You wouldn't want your makeup to have a meltdown!

Final Verdict

The Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Glow Serum is a gem in the skincare world. It's like a bouquet of goodness for your skin, with its antioxidant-rich fruit extracts, hydrating oils, and powerful actives. While its scent might be a bit overwhelming for some, its performance speaks volumes. Remember, skincare is a journey, not a destination. Give it time, and you'll likely see your skin thanking you in the long run.

At $34, this serum is an investment in your skin's well-being. It's like treating yourself to a little luxury that will leave your skin feeling pampered and loved. So, whether you're a skincare aficionado or a newbie, the Yummy Skin Glow Serum deserves a spot in your skincare routine, adding a touch of radiance to your everyday life.

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