Dandruff and Itchy Scalp: Here’s How to Treat It

Are you scratching your head more than usual? You may be suffering from dandruff and an itchy scalp. Here’s everything you need to know to treat it. 

Different factors like diet, climate, stress, and allergies to certain shampoos and conditioners might cause your scalp to suffer and for dandruff and itchiness to appear. There’s no need to suffer in silence. We’re here to help you alleviate this problem as fast as you can. 

First things first, here are the most common reasons why you might have an itchy scalp:

1. Dandruff 

The overproduction of skin cells in your scalp can be caused by a yeast infection, climate, diet, or even stress. This will lead to dead skin cells appearing in your head, especially if you’re scratching. 

2. Dry scalp 

Dandruff is not the only reason why you might have dry skin cells on your scalp. You might have dry skin that causes itchiness. This may be caused by unbalanced skin that has stopped producing or produces less natural sebum. 

3. Deficient diet 

Limit the quantity of salty and sugary food that you consume and visit your nutritionist for an in-depth analysis of what habits you can change. 

How to solve your problem with dandruff and itchy scalp 

1. Visit your dermatologist 

If the problem has been recurring or is very serious, we recommend you call your dermatologist ASAP for him to prescribe a medicated shampoo. 

2. Incorporate treatments with different moisturizing ingredients 

There’s no beautiful hair without a healthy scalp, so don’t forget to take care of the skin in your head like you would take care of the skin in your face or body. Moisturizing your scalp and hair is very easy. Just choose the right products!

We recommend

Bad Hair Day - 2 in 1 scalp + hair oil with rosemary 


Apply on the scalp and massage hair roots. It also avoids split ends by leaving it in for 10 minutes and then washing it off. 

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Let Down Your Hair - 4 in 1 hair conditioning hair spray 


With white tea to detoxify and promote hair growth and aloe vera for conditioning and detangling. Just apply it to your damp hair and style it as usual! 

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3. Change your diet


Eat foods rich in vitamins B and D, zinc, antioxidants, omega three, and healthy fats. There are also many commercial vitamins that will help your skin and hair look great.


Featured image by Yoann Boyer.

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