Polyglutamic acid: a skincare revolution

Let’s not deny the fact; skincare is a passion. From glittery instagram stories to influencers trying to sell their advertorial products, there’s way too many options out there. 


But what is it that we do differently then? 

 Polyglutamic acid: a skincare revolution

It’s that sweet spot where expertise meets science. 


Polyglutamic acid is proven to help your skin by pulling moisture from the air and into your skin. In science, these products are also known as ‘humectants’ and they posses a secret power; by letting your skin breathe, it rejuvenates your skin so that you’re way less likely to grow any further wrinkles. Polyglutamic acid is such a skincare revolution that quite recently science is backing its proven effects on skin with how much it contributes to the moisturising of the skin. 

 Polyglutamic acid: a skincare revolution

Let’s not also forget collagen, which is a key protein that gives you skin the elasticity to reduce unwanted wrinkles and spots. Just like with many other heal remedies, this whole journey leads us to the importance of Vitamin C and how it works wonders on skin. Polyglutamic acid and collagen, combined with Rosehip, is a plant source that is rich in Vitamin C and is actually an ancient remedy for various concerns. As for skin and selfcare, its rich profile with vitamins antioxidants, and essential fatty acids it works just right with 

Polyglutamic acid and collagen, by finalising the last move of a healthy and young skin. Rosehip also helps promoting young cells in your skin and scalp, helping that your skin breathes youth at all times. 

No wonder The inky list came up with their own version in 2020.


We are going through interesting times. Humanity is waking up to a new era that is based on understanding how we can cooperate with nature and feed one another with life and health. At this point, here at Capréa, that’s why we have our hearts and souls in creating a self-care revolution by knowing and understanding our global matters, and taking action on them. We love nature, and we know a happy future is based on loving nature; and this love, at any company’s core, can save the world. 

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