Caprea : The Best Skin Care Products for the Environment

Creating worldwide change isn’t done with just one person; it has to involve all of us

Capréa stemmed from that conscious effort.

As a mother, I try to instil good habits in my children by encouraging interests in nature and the outdoors.

Making sure that my 2 kids would lead by example as environmentally conscious beauty consumers was the driving force behind Capréa - making it the Best Skin Care Products for the Environment.

I wanted my products to reflect those green values by reducing post-consumer waste to a minimum. 


That’s why, I came up with the idea of 100% plantable boxes*.  

Embedded with flower seeds, each box is an ode to mother nature - turning everyone into wild gardeners... and saving bees in the process.



Capréa takes a stand for SUSTAINABILITY. 


Are you ready to take that stand with me?

Gozde Karaca,



*Only available for PLUS & ESSENTIALS range


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