Skincare Review: Dabalash Professional Eyelash Enhancer – Lashes That Truly Blossom

Brand Introduction

Dabalash is a paragon of eyelash enhancement, offering a suite of products designed to elevate your lash game. With a commitment to delivering results, Dabalash has become a trusted name in the quest for longer and fuller lashes.


Ingredients Overview:

Dabalash Professional Eyelash Enhancer takes a meticulous approach to lash care with its thoughtfully selected ingredients, ensuring that it's practical and suitable for a wide range of users, including those with gluten sensitivities.

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: Aloe vera, often hailed as the "plant of immortality," is a soothing marvel. In this formula, it plays a dual role. Not only does it contribute to a calm and refreshed feeling around your eyes, but it also helps reduce potential irritation that can accompany lash enhancement products. Aloe vera's natural ability to hydrate and soothe makes it a welcome addition to the mix.

  • Arnica Montana Flower Extract: Known for its skin conditioning properties, arnica extract ensures that your lash line remains in optimal condition. It provides the necessary care to help keep your lashes healthy and vibrant.

  • Chamomila Recutita Flower Extract: Chamomile flower extract, with its soothing and anti-inflammatory attributes, makes for a gentle but effective inclusion. It alleviates any potential discomfort that might arise during application, making the entire process a more pleasant experience.

In conjunction with others in the formula, these ingredients work in harmony to create a cocktail of lash-loving elements. They stimulate lash growth and ensure that your lashes are nurtured and maintained in the best possible condition. The gluten-free aspect of the formulation is a noteworthy touch, making it inclusive for individuals with various sensitivities and preferences.

In essence, the ingredients in the Dabalash Professional Eyelash Enhancer represent a fusion of science and nature, intended to provide you with longer, fuller lashes without compromising on safety and comfort.

Product Highlights


The Dabalash Professional Eyelash Enhancer shines in its ability to deliver remarkable lash growth. Many users, like yourself, have reported significant lengthening and thickening of their lashes within 60 days of consistent use. The ease of application, taking only a few seconds, adds to its allure. The product's longevity is impressive, with a single bottle lasting for about a year.


It's crucial to note that, like many potent lash enhancers, Dabalash can be harsh on some skin types. In my case, I had skin irritation, an orange-toned appearance, and itchiness. However, as I discovered, adjusting the frequency of application can mitigate these issues, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without discomfort. Try applying 3 days a week instead of everyday. 

Another point to bear in mind is that consistent use is key. When you stop using the product regularly, your enhanced lashes may gradually revert to their original state. This highlights the need for ongoing maintenance to retain your extended lash results.

Final Verdict

The Dabalash Professional Eyelash Enhancer is a reliable companion for those on a quest for longer and fuller lashes. Its effectiveness in lash growth is its crowning glory. While it may not be the gentlest option for all skin types, your adaptability in adjusting the usage frequency demonstrates how you can make it work for you. At $98 USD for a bottle that lasts a year, it offers a feasible and worthwhile solution for lash aficionados seeking to amplify their flutter-worthy factor.

We Recommend 

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At a fraction of the price, we’ve got the Lash+Eyebrow Serum 2.0 by Caprea. This is an organic lash and brow serum that promises thicker lashes and brows in 8 weeks. It contains amazing skin-friendly ingredients such as Helianthus Annus Seed Oil, Argan Oil and Pistachio Lentiscus Gum.


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