The Importance Of Your Skin’s pH Level And How To Maintain It

After years of research and technological advances in dermatology and beauty, the importance of pH levels in the skin has become highly relevant. Get to know why your skin’s pH level is so important and why you should buy the right products to maintain it. 

Skin is the body’s biggest organ (adults carry around some 8 points and 22 square feet of it), and it’s basically a barrier that protects our other organs from outside threats like pollution, chemicals, temperature changes, and sun exposure. 

You’ve probably heard about your skin’s pH in different commercials and marketing for skincare brands, but do you know its actual function? Here’s everything that you should know.


What is pH?

The pH scale measures a substance's acidity level and can be measured in different things such as water, soil, and even on our own skin. Acidity and alkalinity are measured on a scale from 1 to 14; the higher it gets, the more alkaline it will be. This is why a pH of 7 is considered a neutral value. 

Our skin has a pH of between 4.7 and 5.75 points. Research has declared that our skin is lightly acidic, which is why it is so effective when used as protection from exterior elements and why it mostly has a hydrated look to it.


The importance of your skin's pH level

According to Healthline the light acidity of your skin will keep it healthy and beautiful. When your skin's pH is altered, it hurts and gets irritated. Products with lower or higher values change their natural protective layer, made up of the air layer and the hydrolipidic film. These are a mixture of volatile substances and fats expelled by our body, in which fungi, bacteria, and other beneficial organisms coexist. When the barrier is balanced, it serves as protection against attacks by toxic agents and harmful microorganisms. 

Other factors that affect the skin’s acid mantle are

  • Age 
  • Pollution 
  • Medication
  • Season
  • Harsh detergents 
  • Sebum
  • Air conditioning
  • Chronic sun exposure 
  • Overwashing and over exfoliating
  • The water’s pH


We recommend 

Take care of your skin with products that will optimize your pH. 


pH balancing cleanser

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