Environmental skincare

Discover Capréa: world's #1 Environmental skincare with 100% plantable packaging.

Capréa is SUSTAINABLE at heart with Eco friendly skincare packaging that are 100% PLANTABLE*. 

Simply dispose of your Capréa box by planting it and see it bloom into beautiful flowers. 

Capréa also maintains its eco friendly mission by donating 1% of its sales to environmental charities in partnership with 1% FOR THE PLANET.


Capréa stands for EQUALITY

That’s why, Capréa environmental focused skincare is a 100% Woman's owned company . 


Capréa is also AFFORDABLE 

with Eco friendly skincare packaging priced from £5.00 that don't cost the Earth… but helps it.

That’s why, each box has wildflower seeds that grows into plants and feed bees. 

*Only available for PLUS & ESSENTIALS



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